About Me

My Story

The Adventure Bug


Born in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, I moved to Australia to study during which I lived in Cairns, Townsville and Melbourne. Here, the adventure bug kicked in and the experiences followed: snorkeling guide at the Great Barrier Reef, climbing the Barron Gorge of Kuranda falls, going on night hikes with open fire camps’, enjoying road trips and the list goes on.


I enjoyed the southern hemisphere for a while to then head back to the heart of Europe: London. To keep going with my adventures, I joined hiking groups, created my own hiking/biking trips such as walking from Birmingham to Northampton only to see how far I can walk along the Grand Union Canal in two days, explored Scotland, Sweden and Norway on weekend trips, cycled from Bodensee in Germany to Zurich in a couple of days and ran the marathon in Barcelona (3h47).

I like not to know what’s going to happen the next moment, to explore a new country with its people and outdoors while learning a new skill (such as Spanish) and to stretch my physical comfort zone – see how far I can get.

Now it’s time for another adventure, this time sharing it with others as I go along – pretty exciting.

Some call it passion, some call it work

I studied Biochemistry in Australia to follow my curiosity how smaller bits fit together in the bigger picture. For the benefit of experience I turned my back on it and joined the “Westfälische Rundschau”, a newspaper in Germany, as a journalist on the go. Dipping into various other corporate businesses to see what it’s like, I took the chance to work alongside Ayisha Davies, one of the producers of “Wolf Creek”, to get an insight into the film world. Projects such as “The Alan Titschmarsh Show” filmed at the BBC studios in London and the short film “Jeff’s Motto” supported me in continuing my journey in this industry. Now, I keep on writing as a travel writer and enjoy being part of projects on the film side.

The Challenge

I am looking forward to it.


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