Some Stories

La gente son el corazón del camino 

You can do a lot of things by yourself, but a moment is enriched when you can share it with people. For this I am thankful for the beautiful and warm-hearted people I have met and who opened their doors to give me an insight into their lives and cultures.

Puedes hacer mucho sola pero son la gente que mejora el momento. Por eso muchas gracias a todo las personas que he encontrado y que abrieron su puerta de su vida para ensenarme de su cultura y país. 


The idea of couchsurfing is incredible: If you have a couch why not offering it to people who are travelling. It does not cost you anything and you meet individuals from all over the world. For them it means the world – and what you take for granted from your culture is a new knowledge for others.

La idea de couchsurfing es increíble: Tienes un sofá porque no ofreces a gente que viajan y necesitan un sitio. No pagas nada y encuentras gente de todo el mundo. Por ellos es un sitio para dormir es valioso porque es la oportunidad de viajar y conocer culturas diferente.

My families in Spain / Mi familias en España

This are the people that welcomed me in their homes and not only offered me their house to rest but also a hearty welcoming into their lifes. Thank you very much.

Este son la gente que a mi ofrecían su casas para descansar después días muy duro. Y más me dio la bienvenida sus vidas. Muchas gracias a todo.

Madrid (Couchsurfing)


 Salamanca (Couchsurfing)

Ruben and Rodrigo

Zamora (Montañera Zamorana)

Jesus and Deli

 Ourense (Cousurfing

Santander: Nicolas, Raquel y Salva.

Javier, couchsurfing.

Otro bicigrino, Santiago hasta Santiago.

Otra bicigrina, Anne.

Company and help, Javier made my day.

Bike Shop: Thanks to

Pilgrims in La Islas who invited me for dinner and a lot of wine.

Good chat in Spanish.

Kornelia, albergue in Guemes. Amazing time. Thanks for dinner and breakfast.

tres mosqueteros, made me laugh.

There are much more and I will update over time.


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