The Bike

What you really need for a bike trip

Less than 80 things 🙂

In the end of the day you do not need much. You start packing your panniers with things you think are necessary but as you go along you realize that you are not making use of the four shirts you packed and only wear the one, that you only need one of the three pots that are in your bag – that may be you don’t need to buy that much food to carry it with you all the time. When hit the road we want to be prepared for everything, we have fear that we might not have something if things happen. It all depends were you are going, if for example like me only going to Spain where mostly the villages are only 20km apart from each other.

I took picture of all the things that were left in my equipment to see what I really needed – here come examples.

Menus que 80 cosas 🙂

Al fin del día sabrás que no has necesitado mucho por tu viaje; cuando empiezas, coges cosas que piensas vas a usar pero no sabes. Tienes miedo que si no coges todo, faltaran cosas después. Pero realizas cuando has empezado que una camiseta esta perfecto y no necesitas cuatro, que un bote es suficiente y puedes quitar los otros dos. También depende donde vas, si vienes a un país como yo donde tienes pueblo cada 20 o 30km, siempre puedes comprar cosas si necesitas algo.

Hice fotos de las cosas que permanecieron para ver que realmente he usado, aquí ejemplo de 80 y pico cosas.


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