My Team

A project grows stronger and bigger when brainstorming with your friends who are good at one particular field, without my friends below the project would not be what it is now, or yet to become. Thank you guys.

The Web-Designer: Johnny Nolan 

Johnny spared his Saturday for me after a “long” night to work on my banner. I knew I could pull of a good banner but needed help with Photoshop. We brainstormed together which pictures would go together and he twisted and tweaked the images to make it happen – as you can see. :)Check out what Johnny is up to in his field under www….

The Director / Producer: Xavier Rodriguez

We finished off the week by meeting up in an organic wine bar around Moorgate to let our brains bubble and enjoy more than one beer 🙂 Xav shared his experience in the film scene by giving me one idea after the idea of where to put the camera, which angles to shoot from and showing me good podcasts to learn from. See what project he is working on under:

Iker Ganuza alias Ikerito Ganuzito

Good old Iker. Love him to bits. Not only does he shakes his head when I order a Spanish wine with the wrong pronunciation: “Listen, not tempra – nillo, it’s tem-pra-nee-yo.” But also has helped me to translate the outline of the project into Spanish so I could send it off to Spanish newspapers. Thank you Iker.

Susana Negre: The connection point to the Spanish network 

When visiting Columbia Markets, I am happy to pop into Susana’s shop where she sells designs from different artists. Thanks to her, the word hopefully will spread in Spain and people load me up with messages. Oh, yes, nearly forgot she is giving me my first note to pass it on to her sister in Bilbao. See what she is up to when she is not helping me, check out:


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