The Mission

(Pronto voy a traducir este puesto también en español)

“Take a pick and start somewhere, using more than one brain to create bigger things.”

Find the Mission

My idea was to have adventures and have life-changing experiences; learn a new skill, such as a language. I needed a Mission.

But where to start?

I browsed around doing little projects like cycling 200km over the weekend from Germany to Zurich and jotted down little stories on Facebook. It all was a bit here and there, but not focused and not challenging enough. I was ready for a big adventure and brainstormed for a while, mapping out THE adventure that would change EVERYTHING.

“You need to start somewhere, pick one thing and then change and develop the project as you go along”, reminded me a good friend.

This is where 30DC crossed my path – I joined the “Let’s Screw let’s play” challenge, where you pick a project and have 30 days to get it off the ground.

What popped in my head?

Mission Spain: Cycling around Spain by myself in two months, covering a rough distance of 4000km.

“Two brains have more ideas and talents as one – this is what a team is and the 30DC community provided.”

The community is like a melting pot of talents; instead of figuring things out that took me ages like creating a well structured wordpress site I directed my questions to people that already dealt with it, had experiences and knowledge in the field.

What can happen in 30 days:

I started on the 1st of April and on the 30th of April I had an impressive wordpress site and was sitting in a plane to Spain picking up my bike from one of my Sponsors.

Two days later I started a language course in Salamanca that was also sponsored, preparing myself to mount the saddle and cycle around Spain by myself for two months.

Everything was organized in 30 days and in two months I learned Spanish up to fluent, covered an impressive distance, got an insight into different provinces with varying culture and food and made friends with amazing people.

More than 5000 followed my adventure by reading my posts (first only in English, later also in Spanish), watched my videos and pictures.

Next Challenge:

Now, I am ready for the next 30DC: Writing a book of Mission Spain. 30DC has become my lifestyle not a one off.

Todo es posible


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