Cycle Courier / Mensajera

Urban, a good friend of mine came up with came up with some ideas when I told him what I was up to, his “best tip” was to combine the adventure with the following:

“Nadine, the cycle courier, she bring something from the village she leaves to the next, a message or an important subject.”

I just thought “That’s it”; to see how this idea and the other options would go for others, I collected some voting on the 30DC platform. Most people seemed to like it and my guts had already said yes anyway.


It’s the people and their stories that make the journey, so taking messages / post cards / little packages along the way and deliver them on my trip is a good way to meet people of the region, be part of a story between the two and simply to say “Hi” in Spanish and improve my language skills. J

How you can help me?

What would a cycle courier be without anything to deliver? Right, it’s not working, so I need your help here. If you are living in Spain or know anyone that lives in Spain, tell them about it and ask them to make use of my “free delivery service” having a note or anything light with a message ready once I am heading towards their town. Only thing: As I am cycling around Spain (excluding Portugal – sorry guys, next time), the point of pickup and delivery needs to be along Spain not in the middle of it (otherwise I would not make my challenge in two months J

Exception: I am going to head to Madrid to pick up my bike, so if you have anything to be picked up in Madrid and taken to someone along Spain. Let me know J

How does it work?

Just make a comment below this post, letting me know which town you are in and where you would like to have it taken. As soon as I am close to your town, I let you know, we make up a meeting point and Tada, your message will be on the way.

Spread the word

Let everyone know what I am doing, so I get loaded with messages.

P.S To still be able to cycle, no big parcels or packages, only notes or a small object that easily fits into my bag.


2 Responses to Cycle Courier / Mensajera

  1. Javier de ASTURIAS says:

    Hola Nadine ¿te acuerdas de mi ? soy Javier el de Asturias el que te ayudo cuando pinchaste. ¿Que tal la aventura ? como bas y donde te encuentras? deseo que bien . desde este pequeño paraiso que es Asturias te mando muchas fuerzas para que logres tu meta . Un saludo y animo que tu puedes ya que le hechas mucho balor, SUERTE
    y Hole tus HuEvOs

    • nadso says:

      Hola Javier, seguro recuerdo ti – no puedo olvidar ti ayuda. Que tal? Mi aventura esta buenísimo, he empanzado escribir en español en la pagina Blog. También echas un vistazo al pagina “the people” aquí esta un foto con nosotros.
      Hasta pronto, beso.

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