Schedule & Messages

So you can keep track of where I am and around what date I cycle thru your city, have a look at the list below. This is just a rough list, as I get closer I will make adjustment to make it more precise.

I see you in your town 🙂

Village Date Message
Salamanca 17.05
Zamora 18.05
Ourense 21.05
Santiago deCompostela 22.05
A Coruna 23.05
Gijon 25.05 Drop off: Ruben’s message from Salamanca
Bilbao  Drop off: Susana’s sister
San Sebastian
Pamplona 09.06
Huesca 15.06  Drop off: Maria Veleta
Barcelona 17.06  Drop off: From Andreas in Salamanca
Tarragona 21.06


24.06  Drop off:Dani’s note to his grannyDrop off:From Alberto in SalamancaDrop off: From Paula in Salamanca
Alicante (180km) 28.06
Cartagena 27.06
Almeria 30.06
El Ejido
Malaga 02.07
Marbella 03.07
Gibraltar 05.07
Cadiz 05.07 /07.07
Seville 09.07
Merida 11.07
Caceres 12.07
Salamanca 15.07

2 Responses to Schedule & Messages

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Nadine

    Had a look at your web site. Looks like you are adopting well and making huge progress (didn’t expect any different). Hope you got all the gear for your cycle trip including comfortable shorts. Off the Spain next week for a round of golf of two. Have you picked a charity, yet? All the best. Michael

  2. nadso says:

    Hi Michael, thank you 🙂 Yep, comfortable shorts are packed – just adjusting the front panniers tomorrow to shoot off on Monday. I have picked up a charity, as you can see on the front. 🙂 Whereabouts are you heading to in Spain? x

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